CNC ሉህ ብረት አምራች

አጭር መግለጫ:

Product description: 1) Material: Q235B steel or customized 2) Finish: black powder coating or black E coat 3) Process: machining, stamping, welding, threading, punching and more 4) Offer OEM service 5) Our equipment including the 400MT press and robot welding machine Primary competitive advantages: Safety packaging Competitive price Prompt delivery Service feedback within 24H Main export markets: Europe America Payment details: Payment terms: T/T, L/C Minimum order: 100 pieces Delivery...

  • EXW ዋጋ: የአሜሪካ $ 0.5 - 9.999 / ዕቃ አካል
  • Min.Order ብዛት: 1 ዕቃ አካል / ክፍሎች
  • አቅርቦት ችሎታ: 1000.000 ክፍሎች በእያንዳንዱ ወር
  • ፖርት: ሼንዘን
  • የክፍያ ውል: ቲ / ቲ, L / C, D / P, ዲ / ኤ
  • የምርት ዝርዝር

    General description

    የምርት መለያዎች

    የምርት ማብራሪያ:
    1) ይዘት: Q235B ብረት ወይም ብጁ
    2) ጨርስ: ጥቁር የዱቄት ሽፋን ወይም ጥቁር E ኮት
    3) ሂደት: የማሽን መለዋወጫ, ይታተምባቸዋል, ብየዳ, ተከታታይ, ቡጢ, እና ተጨማሪ
    4) ቅናሽ የኦሪጂናል አገልግሎት
    5) የ 400MT ፕሬስ ጨምሮ የእኛ መሣሪያዎች እና ሮቦት ብየዳ ማሽን

    ዋናው የውድድር ጥቅሞች:

    • የደህንነት ጥቅል
    • ተወዳዳሪ ዋጋ
    • አፋጣኝ ርክክብ
    • 24H ውስጥ የአገልግሎት ግብረ መልስ

    ዋና ለውጭ ገበያ:

    • አውሮፓ
    • አሜሪካ

    የክፍያ ዝርዝሮች:

    • የክፍያ ውል: T / ቲ, L / C
    • ትንሹ ትዕዛዝ: 100 ቁርጥራጮች

    የመላኪያ ዝርዝሮች:

    • FOB ወደብ: ሼንዘን
    • በእርሳስ ጊዜ: 15 - 30 ቀናት
    ቁሳቁሶች የካርቦን ብረት (ሰዓቶች, CRS), ከማይዝግ ብረት, አሉሚኒየም, ናስ
    በመስራት ላይ ይታተምባቸዋል ያጎነበሱት, ብየዳ, ተከታታይ, መፍጨት የመፍጨት
    ጋዜጦች 5 ከ 400MT ወደ
    ጪረሰ anodizing, ፓውደር ዝገት ዘይቶችን የሚጠየቀው ስራ, አስራ ስድስተኛ chromates ዚንክ, የ Chrome ለበጠው, ዚንክ ለበጠው, ለቀለቀችው; electrophoresis 
    መተግበሪያዎች ተሽከርካሪዎችን, በኤሌክትሪክ, ግንባታ, ፈርኒቸር, የማሽን ስብሰባ, ኮምፒውተር, አየር ኢንዱስትሪ 
    የኦሪጂናል ማንኛውም ማደፍረሳችሁ ክፍሎች ለ
    ODM ማንኛውም ማደፍረሳችሁ ክፍሎች ለ
    ብጁ ተቀባይነት አግኝቷል
    ማረጋገጥ የ ISO 9000

  • የቀድሞው:
  • ቀጣይ:


    Automobile,Solar Energy, Electronics, Optical-communication, Medical Equipment Office Automation,Domestic Appliance etc.


    Working Process



    Packaging & Delivery:

    Packaging Detail: According to customer’s request
    Delivery Detail: 15 working days


    1.Are you a manufacturer?
    —Yes, we are. Warmly welcome to visit our factory at any time.

    2.How does Ruizheng control the quality?
    —During processing, the operating machine worker inspect the each sizes by themselves.
    —After finished the first whole part, will show to QA for full inspection.
    —Before shipment, the QA will inspect according to ISO sampling inspection standard for mass production.

    3.How to handle the complains?
    —If happen any complaints after got the goods, pls show us photos and detail compliants points, we will check with the production department and QC depart. Immediately and give solving solution with 6 hours. If need re-make, we will arrange re-make urgently and ship you new replacement with 5 days. Ruizheng will bear all the cost (including shipping cost).

    4.What’s the payment term?
    —100% T/T in advance normally; 50% deposit, 50% balance by T/T before shipment when order amount over 5000USD.

    5.What’s the delivery time?
    —Normal, 5-7 working days for sample. 12-30 working days for mass production.
    –If any urgent parts, we can provide preferential processing and control the delivery time as you required.

    6.What is the standard of package?
    —Separate Blister plastic box or Bubble Wrap/Pearl Wool, keep no scratch and damage.

    7.Can we get some sample?
    —Sample can be provided, the clients will bear the shipping cost. The Sample cost is about 50-100 USD for each part, and it will be refund after order the mass production.



    4 5 6


    Friendly Tips: If you find our machining parts interested, please fill the below blank space with your detailed requirements. Ruizheng’s team would offer different solutions to you within 12 hours. .

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