How do I request a quote?

It's easy to request a quote for work from RUIZHENG. Simply contact our office by E-mail, Phone, Fax, we will be very happy to provide you with a reasonable price!

How long is a quote time?

Usually, when we received your RFQ information, RUIZHENG can offer a best price for you reference within 2 working days.

Before a quote, what does RUIZHENG need to know?

RUIZHENG need to receive your drawing, blueprints or sample, and material, quote quantity, surface treatment info. In the meantime, please also let RUIZHENG known your company name, contact man, email and consignee address.

What kinds of materials are you capable of machining?

We produce screw machine parts and CNC turning parts from aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel, as well as some plastic upon request.

In CNC Machining work, what is the most cost-effective quantity to order?

Typically, as the volume increases, the per unit price  decreases. This is due to set up costs being spread over a larger  quantity of parts. At RUIZHENG, we are experienced both with producing  high volume machined parts and leveraging our CNC equipment and experienced personnel to meet low volume orders economically.

What is your average lead-time?

Normal lead-time is approximately 4 weeks affected by work load  & complexity of part configuration. RUIZHENG strives to be your on time  producer of production parts.

How can I reduce the cost of my machined parts?

Typically, increasing the volume of your order is the most obvious way to reduce cost on a per part basis; however, there many  factors to consider. A primary consideration is to reduce  unnecessary labor at every step. Keep the dimensional tolerances  reasonable and don't build in extra tight tolerances that aren't necessary for the end use. With today's environmental concerns,  parts handling and cleaning is a major area of cost. Especially in  the area of threaded internal holes, parts cleaning adds to the  final price. Some parts need individual packing and cleaning, but if your part doesn't, it can reduce the cost of production

Does RUIZHENG help with parts design or suggest cost savings measures?

Yes. We love the challenge of bringing our engineering and

production experience to bear on new challenges. We can offer

technical assistance in design, machining protocols, selection or

raw materials, and finishing steps. Keeping the end use of the part

in mind, we often find a minor design tweak, a change in material or

tolerance, etc. that can result in a reliable, well-performing part

at a reduced production cost. The part has to succeed, and with it

your business goals!

How can I be sure of getting good parts with an on-time delivery?

You can reduce the risk of receiving inferior parts or slow  delivery primarily by choosing a reputable supplier and communicating your needs with that supplier. Make sure your supplier has a quality program that fits your needs. If you need a part on a  regular basis, you can help assure reliable delivery and service by  using a blanket order with regular scheduled releases. This type of order can also help reduce the per part cost of your precision machined components

Your price looks good for higher quantities, but I don't want to stock that many parts . . . what is RUIZHENG willing to do?

No one seems to want to carry inventory any more. We can negotiate some sort of agreement on larger batch sizes, but would expect the parts to be taken in multiple releases over a negotiated reasonable period of time. Customers who can commit to larger batches do not get to take advantage of those economies in the quoted prices.?

What tolerances can Ruizheng Machined Milled & Turned Parts hold?

Tolerances vary depending on the type and grade of the raw material we are machining, the material that we make the tools out of, and the machine we use to make a particular part. Tighter  tolerances can be achieved with secondary operations such as  grinding, honing, and lapping. A broad-based answer to this question is difficult to provide. It is best to answer this question on a  part-by-part basis in an engineering review.


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