CNC precision metal parts processing should pay attention to!

1. When processing CNC precision hardware parts. The operator is required to maintain the correct posture, and must have sufficient spirit to cope with the work. The operation must be concentrated, and it is strictly forbidden to talk and cooperate with each other. The operator must not operate under the irritability and fatigue, in order to avoid personal accidents and avoid accidents. Make sure the operation is safe. All employees check their clothing for work requirements before entering the job. Do not wear slippers, high heels and clothing that affects safety. Wear long hats for safety.

2. Check whether the moving part is filled with lubricating oil before the mechanical action, then start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and run the machine for 1-3 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to operate when the machine is faulty.

3, start the power to start the machine must wait for other personnel to leave the mechanical work area, and take the debris on the workbench before starting.

4. When working mechanically, it is forbidden to put your hand into the working area of ​​the slider. It is strictly forbidden to take and place the workpiece by hand. Tools that meet the standards must be used when removing and placing the workpiece in the die. If you find that the machine has abnormal sound or the machine is malfunctioning, immediately turn off the power switch to check. After the machine is started, it is transported by one person and mechanically. Others may not press the electric building or foot pedal switch board. For the safety of others, it is not possible to put the hand into the mechanical working area or touch the moving part of the machine by hand.

5. When the mold is replaced, the power supply is first turned off, and the press movement department stops running before the mold can be installed and debugged. After the installation and adjustment, manually move the flywheel to test twice. In order to avoid unnecessary collision between the machine and the product to be processed, the upper and lower molds must be checked for symmetry and reasonableness, whether the screws are strong, and whether the crimping ring is reasonable. Location.

The above are some of the precautions for the processing of precision metal parts that have been summarized by Chengyu Hardware. I hope that through the above studies, we can have a better understanding of the precision metal processing process, and also remind you that when processing automatic lathe hardware, be safe.

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Post time: Dec-18-2018
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